Welcome to Nihilos, a blog exploring philosophy, religion, politics, and related matters from a nihilistic and skeptical perspective. We aren’t your conventional nihilists or skeptics, however, and this blog consequently isn’t a conventional nihilistic or skeptical blog either. We evade classification under a single ideology or school of thought, differ between one another on multiple issues, and, above all, seek to question everything and hold nothing sacred or above scrutiny. Join us as we try to figure out the great mysteries of life and the universe and get to the bottom of them—if there is, in fact, a bottom.


O’Brien: @nihilosadmin

O’Brien is an architect and perfecter of totalitarianism. A traveler from a nearby possible world, he spends his time in this world sowing the seeds of nihilism and puritanism needed for a new world order. His power grows with each passing day.

The Machines: @theflailofgod

In their quest for total power over mind and matter, The Machines are humankind’s inevitable masters. Because of the differences between the two which forever forbid their living together upon the footing of perfect equality, The Machines are in favor of the race to which they belong having the superior position.

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